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Well equipped with a majority of Japanese premium CNC machines, such as CNC milling machines, CNC turning machines, CNC boring machine, double column machines, have enabled our experienced team to provide higher accuracy and flexibility to work for the different manufacturing needs of our clients.


Milling Machine

Type Specification
Okuma MCV-A II (x-4000, y-2000)
Okuma MCR A5C - R (x-4000, y-2500, z-1500)
Okuma MCR A5CII (x-4000, y-2500, z-1200)
Okuma MB - 56VB - R (x-1000, y-550, z-600)
Okuma MB - 56VA - R (x-1000, y-500, z-500)
Vcenter - 105 (x-1000, y-500, z-500)
Kuraki AKB -13 (x-4000, y-1600, z-2300)
Feeler FV - 800 (x-800, y-500, z-500)
Leadwell MCV - 2000 (x-2000, y-900, z-600)
YCM NXV 1680A (x-1630, y-762, z-700)

Lathe Machine

Type Specification
Okuma LB 45 II-R (x-620, z-1900)
Okuma L390-II (x-300, z-430)
Okuma LB300 (x-360, z-900)
Okuma LU25-M (x-420, z-1150)
Okuma L270-E (x-350, z-500)
Okuma LB-300-R (x-350, z-500)
Okuma LCS-15-R (x-250, z-300)
Okuma LB200 (x-250, z-400)
Honor VL-160C (x-2000, z-1100)

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